how to fix a porch floor

How to Fix a Rotten Wood Porch Floor | Home Guides | SF Gate.Even if the floor doesn't get wet from rain, moisture can damage the undersides of the boards and the joists. The points where the floorboards intersect the tops of the joists are especially vulnerable to rot. Working out the strategy for repairing a rotted porch floor is less difficult than executing it because the strategy involves.

Porch Floor Repair | This Old House.The porch on my 95-year-old bungalow has a tongue-and-groove floor that is in great shape — except at the outside edge, where the ends of the wood are splintered and worn. Should I put a brass or stainless steel cap over this area to protect it? Or maybe you know of a better way to fix these otherwise solid boards.

Front Porch Design | Porch Repair | Porch Design | Historic Porch.All the beauty and enjoyment a porch provides comes with a cost. Being so open and exposed to the elements, the porch railing, floor, columns, posts, newel posts, and balustrade take a huge amount of abuse from the weather. All of these features require much more frequent preventative maintenance, such as painting,.

Fixing the Front Porch.The front porch was in danger of completely collapsing. Before we could fix the porch floor, we had to support the porch roof. First we removed the gingerbread. In the picture below the gingerbread is gone. Note in the bottom image that a section of porch railing remains. Neighbor and finish carpenter Lamar and his helper.

Repairing the Wood Porch on Your Historic House | Wisconsin ..The right side of this porch floor is sagging due to the pier footings failing. Source: Bob Yapp. Most historic wooden porches were built on masonry pier footings. A pier footing is a brick or stone column that supports the entire weight of the porch. Piers were typically installed under columns or porch posts. If the footings at the.