10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 (100% Success)


10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 (100% Success) – Windows 10 is an operating system that is currently used by many PC users. If you have updated, then you must have felt the quality of the performance of this operating system made by Microsoft.

10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 (100% Success)However, if you experience a sudden slower device, you can do the following 10 effective ways to deal with it:

10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 (100% Success)

1. Turn off Startup Applications

Lots of programs or applications installed on your computer automatically open and run in the background.

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Typical application makers deliberately set these conditions so that you can open applications easily.

But if there are applications that are not used every day, you should turn off these applications so that they don’t open automatically and can speed up Windows 10.

In Windows 10, you can kill apps on Startup by making use of the Task Manager. The steps are as follows:

  • Right click on the Taskbar .
  • Select Task Manager . If you have never opened the Task Manager in detail, then click More Details.
  • Click on the Startup tab . Click on an application that you want to turn off.
  • Then right click on the app and click on Disable .
  • Repeat the previous step to turn off other applications.
  • Restart your computer.

Here I will usually disable Chromium which when opening it consumes quite a lot of memory.

When the first step is complete, the performance of the computer device will be lighter and will greatly affect the effect of speeding up Windows 10.

2. Removing Useless Applications

If you buy a new laptop, the sales person will automatically provide pre-installed applications that you may not need, but there is a chance that these useless applications can take up space and resources on your computer.

Therefore, you need to uninstall applications that are no longer in use so that the performance of the Windows 10 system can be further improved.

The method is:

  • Go to Settings .
  • Click on Apps .
  • On the left, click Apps & Features .
  • Select the application that you want to delete. Press the Uninstall button .
  • If the Microsoft Store application is deleted, a message will appear and requires confirmation.

Follow these steps to remove other apps.

3. Clean Disk

One way to speed up Windows 10 is to clean the disk.

This doesn’t mean you have to unplug your hard drive (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD) and clean it of dust particles.

Cleaning this disk is actually cleaning by enabling the features found in Windows.

Cleaning disks is an obligation for PC users to be able to retrieve useless space.

To get full storage, you can delete junk files or junk files using the Disk Cleanup tool found on your computer with the following steps:

First, open File Explorer or with the shortcut Windows + E .

On ‘This PC’, right-click on Primary System (primary disk, usually Local Disk C) and select Properties.

  • Click the Disk Cleanup button .
  • Select all options below if you want to delete everything (Drive C). Press the Clean up system files button .
  • Choose some files to delete so that your disk is not too heavy and can speed up Windows 10.

Files tersebut diantaranya adalah Windows Update Cleanup, Windows upgrade log files, Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, System created Windows Error Reporting, Delivery Optimization Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary files, Temporary Windows Installation Files, Previous Windows installation(s).

  • If so, please press the OK button.
  • Then click Delete Files, then the process of deleting useless files will run.

If you have completed the steps above, the computer device will automatically get additional hard disk space.

And automatically you have succeeded in taking steps to speed up the performance of Windows 10.

4. Upgrade Drive

One of the many ways to speed up Windows 10 is to upgrade the drive if you have an old computer.

Nowadays, the drive that is often used is a Solid-State Drive or abbreviated as SSD.

SSD has very high data access speed technology.

SSD devices provide internal batteries and backup data storage systems to complement their features.

The price is also higher when compared to the price of hard drives in general.

5. Perform a Malware Check

Sometimes the cause of failure to speed up Windows 10 or the reason your device is slow is not only due to Windows 10 or its applications, there could be other possible causes, namely malware or viruses that have entered your device.

The most effective way to deal with viruses or malware is to update the anti-malware or antivirus that you use.

In Windows 10, you can use Windows Defender to scan and remove malware found on your device.

  • To do this, open Start.
  • Type Windows Defender Security Center .
  • Click on Virus and Threat Protection .
  • Dibawah Quick Scan atau Scan Now, klik Advanced Scan atau Run A New Advanced Scan.
  • Select Full Scan to perform a thorough scan.
  • And press the Scan Now button .

6. Change the Power Plan Configuration

Windows 10 provides features that can be configured in order to improve the performance of the laptop, including Balanced, Power Saver and High performance which can optimize electricity consumption when the device is used.

If you want to add performance to your PC, then you have to choose High Performance .

To change the power plan on your device, open Control Panel or search and type Control Panel . Click on Hardware and Sound . Click on Power Options . Select HighPerformance .

7. Turn off the Visual System Effects

Windows 10 has a lot of new visual systems that many other windows don’t have.

This can beautify the appearance, but this may not speed up your Windows 10.

Basically, the use of many of these effects helps to explore the user experience.

This automatically requires greater system resources as well.

But what you need to know is that if you turn off these visual effects, then you can make Windows 10 perform faster.

For how to toggle off of smooth fonts, animations, shadows or other effects, open the Control Panel.

  • Click on System and Security .
  • Click on System .
  • Click on Advanced System Settings on the left of the panel.
  • On the ‘ Advanced ‘ tab then click the Settings button .
  • Pada Performance Options, klik Visual Effects, pilih ‘Adjust for best performance option to disable all the effects and animations‘.

If you want to lighten windows 10 but not affect the fonts on Desktop then you need to remove all checklist except Smooth edges of screen fonts . Click OK and Apply .

8. Matikan Acrylic Material dan Reveal Highlight

To turn off some of the elements contained in the Fluent Design System in Windows 10, you open Settings.

  • Click on Personalization .
  • Click on Colors .
  • Turn off Transparency effects .

If you have done the steps above, the process of speeding up Windows 10 will not occur, but your computer will have added some System Resources to be allocated for more important tasks.

9. Turn off Search Indexing

Even though search is one of the most important features in Windows 10, the index section takes up a lot of system resources which can affect the performance of your device.

  • If you don’t like search that much, you need to switch off indexing in windows 10 by clicking Start.
  • Then type and search for Indexing Options and click on the top result. Press the Modify button which is on the left.
  • Click on Show all locations which is at the bottom left. Delete the selected checklist.
  • Click OK .

This can prevent Windows 10 from indexing further content. It is able to speed up your windows 10.

10. Upgrade Memory RAM

Maybe this is one of the most effective ways and is widely known by many people.

RAM can certainly speed up Windows 10, especially for those of you who like to browse and open lots of tabs in the browser.

After you have performed the steps above, Windows 10 will re-install to remove configurations, settings and predetermined applications so that you can speed up your Windows 10.


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