How to Change WiFi Password via Android [Latest] 2023


How to Change WiFi Password via Android [Latest] – Without realizing it, an internet connection seems to have become a basic necessity. One of the internet sources that many people use is WiFi. So, did you know that now you can change the WiFi password via an Android phone?

How to Change WiFi Password via AndroidHow to Change WiFi Password via Android [Latest] 2023

As we know, WiFi connections are usually equipped with a password. The function of the password is so that not everyone can access the internet connection from the WiFi. The more people who use the internet from the same WiFi source, the WiFi speed will decrease.

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Usually, WiFi already has a built-in security system. You can certainly take advantage of this feature. But apart from that, so that your WiFi connection is not easily hacked, you should regularly change your WiFi password so that it is not easily guessed by other people. See how to change the WiFi password on Android.

How to Change WiFi Password via Android Phone

In the past, changing WiFi passwords could only be done using a laptop, computer, or PC. As time goes by, Android smartphones appear. With an Android smartphone, now you can do many things that you couldn’t do before. Among them, changing the WiFi password from the phone.

Turn on the Internet

To be able to change the WiFi password on an Android cellphone, make sure you turn on the internet connection and connect your Android cellphone to the internet network of the WiFi whose password you want to change.

Prepare your favorite browser

After connecting to the WiFi network, open the browser on your cellphone. Here you have to use the help of the browser. You can use your favorite browser. For example, using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.

Open Address To Login

In order for the WiFi password to be changed, you must log into the WiFi. If you use the internet network from IndiHome, then you can access the address Type the address in the address bar of your browser.

If you don’t use IndiHome, for example, you use TP-Link or something else, you can see the login address information on the back of the WiFi router you are using.

Login to WiFi

After you open the address to log in to the WiFi, now is the step where you just need to log in to the WiFi. Usually on the login page, there is a box to fill in the username and password. If the WiFi password has never been changed, then you can enter the default username and password.

Usually, the default username and password for an internet network is username: ADMIN and password: admin. Please try logging in using the username and password.

Open the Management Menu

If you have successfully logged in, then you will enter the main page. Next, just select the Management menu. Usually, each router has a different appearance. You can search for it first. After finding it, you can immediately open the Management menu.

Write New Password

Wait until the Management page opens. On this page, there is a form where you can enter a new password. Please enter the new password that you want to use. Make sure you use a password that is hard to guess.

Use a combination of letters, numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols so that the WiFi password is not easy for people to hack. Make sure you remember the password. If you are afraid to forget, then the password can be written down.

Apply Password

On the form on the Management page, there is usually an Apply button. Now, after writing the new password in the box provided, now is the time for you to press the Apply button to make sure the old password has been changed to the new password.

Password Changed Successfully

Now the password for the WiFi network has changed to a new password. For information, all devices that are currently connected to the WiFi connection will be disconnected and must re-login to be connected again.

The Android phone that you use to change the WiFi password will also automatically ask you to log in again. Make sure you use the new password to login.

The Final Word:

That’s how to change the WiFi password via Android. By using the steps above, you don’t need to open your laptop or turn on your PC and computer. It’s enough from an Android cellphone, the WiFi password can be changed. Hopefully, this review is useful. Good luck!


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