How to Scan Documents on Phone Without Apps and Using Apps 2023


How to Scan Documents on Phone Without Apps and Using Apps – Scanning documents can now be done easily because there is a way to scan documents via cell phone. There are various kinds of documents, for example, KTPs, reports, photos, diplomas, certificates, and various other documents that can be scanned and converted into digital format. All of this can be done only from an Android cellphone.

How to Scan Documents on Phone Without Apps and Using AppsHow to Scan Documents on Phone Without Apps and Using Apps

Advances in technology have indeed made many things more practical. In the past, we needed a scanner to be able to scan documents, pictures, and photos. But now scanning documents and images can be done from an Android smartphone. So that the scan process can be done anywhere and anytime. Practical!

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How to Scan Documents on HP to PDF

Please note, that scanning documents on HP can be done without an application or using an application. Document scanning can also be done on various brands of Android cellphones such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone (iOS), Realme, Vivo, Lenovo, ASUS, and other Android smartphone brands. Are you curious about how? Check out the following.

How to Scan Documents on a Cell Phone Using CamScanner

Only using an Android cellphone, you are like having a portable scanner. Want to be like that too? You can turn your Android phone into a scanner using the CamScanner application. This method of scanning documents on an Android phone has good and clear scan results as long as there is enough light and your hands don’t shake when taking pictures.

How to scan documents on an Android phone using the CamScanner application

  • Install the CamScanner app from the Google Play Store
  • Make sure the application is installed
  • Open the CamScanner application
  • Select the camera icon
  • Prepare the document to be scanned
  • Make sure the location has enough light
  • Press the camera icon to take a picture
  • Adjust the shape and size
  • Press the Check icon
  • Documents are saved in PDF format
  • Finished

How to Scan to PDF on HP from Google Drive

Who doesn’t know Google Drive? One of the services from Google is known as a storage area that can be used to store various kinds of files. Apart from storing files, it turns out Google Drive can also be used to scan documents. How to?

Below is how to scan documents on an Android cellphone without an application

  • Open the Google Drive application from the Android phone
  • Look for the + icon in the lower right corner
  • Press the icon
  • Select Scan
  • Use the camera to take pictures of documents
  • Set and adjust the results of the photo
  • Photos are saved in PDF format
  • Scan results are stored in Google Drive
  • Finished

Use Tiny Scanner to PDF on your cellphone

By using the Tiny Scanner application, you can scan documents from photos and images that are already in the Android cellphone gallery. This is very useful, especially if currently the document has changed hands. You can set the format of the scan results in JPG or PDF. It even creates PDFs in multiple pages.

How to scan diplomas, ID cards, pictures, photos, job applications, etc. from an Android phone

  • Download the Tiny Scanner application via the Play Store
  • Open the Tiny Scanner app
  • Take a picture of the document you want to scan
  • You can also select photos from the HP gallery
  • Set the desired position
  • Save the position by selecting the tick
  • Select the desired scan format
  • Can be PDF or JPG
  • The document has been scanned
  • Finished

Use Simple Scan to scan on your cellphone

Want to use a document scanning application via a cellphone with a simple appearance? You can choose Simple Scan. Despite its small size, this application is quite satisfying. Scan results in both JPG and PDF formats can be directly uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive. Want to try it?

  • Install the Simple Scan application via Google Play
  • Prepare the document to be scanned
  • Open the Simple Scan application
  • Press the camera icon to take a photo of the document
  • Tidy up the results of document photos
  • Save when done
  • The document has been scanned
  • Finished

Tips for scanning documents via Android so that the results are clear

The results of scanning documents on Android really depend on the results taken by the Android camera you use. So, there are several things you should pay attention to so that the quality of document scans via Android is clear and not blurry. Check out below some important points that you should know.

  • Make sure your hands don’t shake or shake when taking photos
  • Make sure the place where the photo was taken has enough light (bright)
  • It is better to use a background with a contrasting color

The Final Word:

That’s how to scan documents via HP Android easily and quickly. You can determine your own document scan to PDF or to other formats. Now scanning important files and documents such as KTP, KK, photos, drawings, reports, CVs, job application letters, and other letters can be done easily just via smartphone.


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