How to Reduce Video Size on Android Without an Application


How to Reduce Video Size on Android Without an Application – By using an Android cellphone, we can easily take pictures and record videos. However, sometimes the size of the video we record is too large. Well, the good news is that now there is a way to reduce video size on Android.

How to Reduce Video Size on Android Without an ApplicationReasons to Reduce Video Size

For those of you who often play social media, a video size that is too large will certainly make the upload process take a long time. Apart from that, the internet quota that you need to upload videos with a large size is of course also more wasteful. Therefore reducing the video size is a solution.

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How to Reduce Video Size on Android

In the past, reducing the size of a video could only be done via a PC. However, the emergence of Android smartphones changed this. Android phones can not only be used for calling and sending messages. But you can also reduce the video size on Android without an application or using an application.

Some of the advantages of reducing video size on Android are clearly practical and simple. You don’t need to use a PC, computer, or laptop. In addition, you can reduce the video size on an Android phone without reducing the video quality. Let’s see the steps to compress the video below.

Reducing Video Size on Android Without Applications

Some people feel too lazy to install additional applications for various reasons. One of them is due to the limited memory of a small cell phone. So, therefore, there is a way to reduce the video size on Android without using an application.

However, to be able to do this, you need an internet quota. Here you will use a site that has a service for compressing videos on cell phones. Are you curious about how? Just take a look below.

Reduce video size on Android cellphones without the application

  • Prepare your Android cellphone
  • Open your favorite browser on HP
  • Can use Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc
  • Open the site here
  • Select the Browse button
  • Select the video you want to reduce the size of
  • Select video scale
  • Select the Upload Videos button
  • Wait for the compression process
  • Download video results
  • Finished

This method has the advantage that you can shrink videos on your Android cellphone without installing additional applications. Meanwhile, the downside is that you have to have sufficient internet quota to upload and download videos to websites providing video compression services. Make sure your internet quota is sufficient.

Once the video size is small, you can immediately upload the video on social media such as Reels Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. more quickly.

Shrinking Videos on Android With Applications

If you have plenty of space on your Android phone’s memory and you often run out of quota, then you can try shrinking videos with the help of an application. The process of shrinking videos with the application is quite easy and fast. Check out the following steps.

How to reduce video size without reducing quality on an Android cellphone

  • Download the Panda Video Compressor application via Google Play
  • Install the application on your cellphone
  • Open the Panda Video Compressor application
  • A notification will appear
  • Give access permission to Panda Video Compressor
  • The main page will appear
  • Select the video to reduce in size
  • The video will automatically be compressed
  • Finished

Reducing video files using an application is very practical. The reduced video will automatically be saved in the storage folder. You can also change the destination folder so that the video results can be saved directly in the Android phone gallery.

Apart from using the Panda Video Compressor application, reducing videos on Android phones can also use other applications that are widely available on the Google Play Store. However, we still recommend the Panda Video Compressor application because it is small, easy to use, and has complete features.

The Final Word:

That’s how to reduce video size on Android without an application or using additional application assistance. What is clear with these two methods is that the video quality is still maintained. Each method certainly has advantages and disadvantages, the choice is yours. Good luck!


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